Welcome to Meet, Act and Part!

Our show is a masonic podcast hosted by Midnight Freemason regular contributors Greg Knott,Darin Lahners, and Bill Hosler with occasional help from Midnight Freemason founder Todd E. Creason and others. We'll cover masonic and non-masonic topics alike. We'll meet on the level, act by the plumb and part upon the square. Meet Act and Part.

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About Us

Meet, Act and Part was the brain child of Midnight Freemasons Greg Knott and Darin Lahners.  As their plans for the show began to come into place they invited Brother Bill Hosler and Midnight Freemason Founder Todd Creason to be a part of their vision. 

Episode 1 first hit “The airways” in 2020.  What first was to be a show discussing various Masonic topics has grown and morphed into more of a Masonic talk show. After our first few episodes we invited a guest to join our chat and listeners began to tell us they loved the conversations and interactions we had with our guests.  It has been said the talks are like an informal “after lodge parking lodge chat”.  So, we try to have as many guests and we can have!


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