Episode 30-Lodge Culture

Episode 30-Lodge Culture

Brother Michael Acre

Midnight Freemason Emeritus Contributor Brother Michael Arce a member of Mount Vernon lodge #3 in Albany, New York,  Joins Greg, Darin and Bill to discuss lodge culture.  The things all lodges have in common and the differences they share and how their diversity strengthens them.

The Brethren also discuss some of positive things a lodge culture can do to create a successful lodge and things that  other cultures do that may drive new members away and cause the lodge to merge or turn in their charter.

2 thoughts on “Episode 30-Lodge Culture

  1. Donald Sacco says:

    Just wanted to correct something I heard in episode 30. As far as Masters hats go in MA. Only the Grand Master wears a tri corner hat, all local Masters and DD’s can only wear a tophat.

  2. William Hosler says:

    Hi Donald. I didn’t know that. Just another example of the diversity of Masonry in America. Thanks for the clarification and thank you for listening!


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